I’m Back!

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Christmas plus work plus a trip to Vegas plus plus….

Nearly caught-up.  Let’s get going again!


My Cousin Raised $2,300 – Hoo Whoo!!

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Sharon Arnowitz recalled countless people asking what they could do to help, but there was nothing.

Because, as the Buffalo Grove resident explained, she was not going to be a victim of breast cancer.  “I’m going to live,” said Arnowitz, noting that it was diagnosed in its earliest stage. …

On Sunday, Arnowitz served as hostess at her Buffalo Grove home for an all-pink party to promote breast cancer awareness. …

The “Get Your Pink On — Early Detection Celebration and Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser” brought in $2,346, which Arnowitz said she will donate to the Caldwell Breast Center. She said she earmarked the donation to pay for mammograms for women who otherwise could not afford them, because this was the exam that may have saved her life.

via Buffalo Grove Countryside.

Rock on!!

I Made Crain’s Chicago Business

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Forgive me the indulgence:

Dr. El-Tag referred questions to her attorney, James Bosco of Chicago.The case is about “restricting patients’ access to a doctor of their choice,” Mr. Bosco said in a statement.

“That the plaintiff Dr. Koziol believes patients would choose Dr. El-Tag over him is evidence enough of Dr. El-Tag’s reputation for excellence,” he wrote.

via Crain’s Chicago Business.

Pretty funny.

No Internet Access

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Dear Friends,

Please hang in there with me. I’m without Internet access until Wednesday.


Highest Gun Sales States

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The Daily Beast has some interesting data on which states have the highest rate of gun sales per 100k folks.

It’s safe to say that Illinois is not on the list.

Chicago Aldermen: White Collar Criminals

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An analysis of pension fund documents for 21 aldermen who retired under the plan shows they are in line to receive nearly $58 million during their expected lifetimes, though contributions and assumed investment returns are predicted to cover just $19 million, or a third of that sum.

The pension deal was inked more than two decades ago, but the costs began to kick in recently. Most of the 21 aldermen in the Tribune/WGN-TV analysis have retired within the past five years, and there are 53 more in the pipeline.

Former Ald. Thomas Allen is a prime example. After retiring from the City Council in 2010 at age 58, Allen went on to become a Circuit Court judge while also collecting roughly $90,000 a year from his city pension. During his lifetime, he stands to receive more than $4.2 million in benefits, though contributions and assumed investment returns are expected to cover only $1 million.

via Chicago Tribune.

We’re doomed.  Chicago will not be able to sustain itself under this kind of dead weight.  The taxpayers are going to be asked to provide more and more payments for services they will not receive.

Glad the Tribune is on the story now… but where has it been for the last 20 years?  Where’s the Sun-Times (the “Bright One”) on this?

We’re going bankrupt and no one cares.

Jim Rogers: Worry About 2013, Panic About 2014

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If you don’t know Jim Rogers you should.  I first heard about him maybe 15 or so years ago.  I was riding my Harley around and someone gave me Jim’s book, Investment Biker.  It’s a great read and for several months I wanted to grow-up to be Jim Rogers.

Also interesting, from Wikipedia:

In December 2007, Rogers sold his mansion in New York City for about 16 million USD and moved to Singapore. Rogers claimed that he moved because now is a ground-breaking time for investment potential in Asian markets. Rogers’s first daughter is now being tutored in Mandarin to prepare her for the future.

He is quoted as saying: “If you were smart in 1807 you moved to London, if you were smart in 1907 you moved to New York City, and if you are smart in 2007 you move to Asia.”

The man is prescient.  So if he’s got something to say, we should be listening.  There’s a few new articles sharing with us what he has to say:

Experts have been saying that 2013 is the year to worry about, not 2012. Jim Rogers agrees.  The commodities guru was on CNBC’s The Kudlow Report last night saying again that 2012 will see money pumped into global markets because it is a year choc-a-bloc with elections.

Rogers said “This year’s fine. Worry about 2013.  Be panicked about 2014.  This year, a lot of good news is coming out.” Speaking of the U.S. economy specifically, he said the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet is bloated referencing M2, a measure of money supply. He also added that President Obama is spending a huge amount of money ahead of the elections:

via Business Insider.

Same series, different story:

At what level do you think oil prices will break the back of the American recovery?

We are going to have a slowdown. Such is the staggering debt that America has, it has caused more and more of a drag on our economy. I would also point out to you that every four to six years we’ve had an economic slowdown in the U.S., since the beginning of time, so by 2012, 2013, 2014, we are well overdue for an economic slowdown for whatever reason. Whether it’s caused by high oil or what, we’re going to have a slowdown in the foreseeable future.

How do you see oil prices impacting consumers in emerging markets, especially in Asia, when many of them are struggling to rein in inflation and drive growth?

Everybody is paying higher prices for oil and that obviously impacts consumption everywhere and its not just oil, its food and everything else that’s going up. There’s inflation everywhere, the U.S. lies about it, I mean the U.S. government lies about inflation but there’s inflation everywhere. I mean I don’t know if you go shopping, but if you do, you know prices are up. The government says they’re not, I don’t know where they shop. Everybody else’s prices are up.

via Business Insider.

Indeed.  Boxes of food are getting smaller but the pricing has gone up.  Everything at the store is more expensive with the possible exception of electronics.  The U.S. Government’s removal of energy costs from the inflation index was a telling sign that they simply don’t want to give the folks the real bad news.  They’d rather stick their heads in the sand and pretend everything is ok.

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